Eastern Colorado Veterinary Services strives, by employing historic and contemporary practices, to provide quality care to our production and companion animal patients, thereby promoting responsible private stewardship by our clientele.

Companion Animals

ECVS strives to make all pet visitations to the clinic as peaceful and non-disruptive as possible. While completing a thorough regimen of pet history, current weight and body condition — even in-house blood count and chemistry panels, the entire pet assessment process is conducted in a calm, efficient manner. From this base of information, the veterinarians on staff can then optimize diagnosis and treatment.

Private exam rooms, separate kennels, and experienced handlers help make the clinic visit for pets a stress-minimized experience. Following surgery, pets are monitored closely during the wake-up period and made available for their return home as soon as safely possible. Clients are encouraged to either call in or stop by to check in on the status of their pets during recovery. Where pets are happiest is at home. Every effort is made to return the pet to th eir owner as early as possible, while keeping the long-term health of the pet primary in the care-giving process.

A complete line of prescription pet foods and an in-house pharmacy are here for pet owners to get their animal on track for a speedy recovery and optimal health. ECVS also maintains an automated reminder system to keep clients informed when check-ups and vaccinations are due in the future. Rigorous record-keeping is at the fingertips of all staff for referral when clients call—no matter how long it’s been since the pet was at ECVS. Whether it’s a pet’s first visit or their tenth, ECVS is always ready to make the care-giving experience a positive one.

Production Animal / Equine

ECVS offers both in -house and ambulatory care for large animal care. Featuring a quiet hydraulic chute and alley system (both of which are available for rent to use on the farm with veterinary staff), ECVS is equipped to efficiently handle livestock of various breeds and ages in a calm and efficient manner. Complementing the chute and alley system, the clinic also offers a number of sizable pens for holding numbers from a few head to as many as 60+.

The veterinary expertise present at ECVS for large animal work is well-established and proven by years of pregnancy testing, Bangs vaccinating, Coggins testing, fertility testing, dental floating, health certifying, and more. The staff is also const antly keeping abreast of changing interstate health laws and requirements for moving livestock across and out of the state. A complete set of in-house blood chemistry equipment as well as a close working relationship with local diagnostic laboratories help the veterinarians at ECVS to optimize their diagnosis and treatments for many large animal health issues.

Where herd health largely is influenced by region-wide disease or weather events, ECVS actively seeks the latest information provided by state veterinary sources. An extensive in-house pharmacy, and a next-day availability for most special or large-quantity vaccines make ECVS a good resource for supplying area herds with medicine and tools necessary for optimal production. Fina lly, production economics are always a driver for large animal care decisions, and ECVS remains sensitive to that reality.

Pregnancy Testing

Here at Eastern Colorado Veterinary Services, we are proud to offer cattle ultrasound pregnancy testing. It is our goal to stay up-to-date on the latest in veterinary medicine. We want to give our patients the healthiest life possible and one way that we can achieve this is by offering ultrasound pregnancy testing.

Our portable devices make finding out if your cattle are pregnant quick and easy. It is a non-invasive method to test for pregnancy. We are able to see a large amount (170 degrees) rather quickly when using our machine. It is also more accurate.